JPY crosses/USD/JPY

Asia settling in for a quiet trading session

There was some JPY demand into the Tokyo fix which saw USD/JPY and EUR/JPY ease somewhat but that’s now over and we are back near opening levels. The ranges I mentioned earlier seem to be holding and I expect it to stay fairly quiet until US GDP later tonight.

  1. Hi Szabi, I have a feeling we get a big risk-off event after the number. Though any big change in the number and the US conspiracy theorists will be out in force++

  2. Sean,

    I plotted trendlines for the aussie and the aussie is trading which suggest the upside pullback may be over and aussie may be heading for a move back again. i am watching 1.0320 but I don’t think it will hold and we may see a deeper correction today. I hope I am rite today

  3. My gut tells me the same, Sean.
    If USDJPY can’t close above trendline today, I will join you on the short side. As BOJ meeting coming in a few days, buy the rumor, sell the fact maybe?
    I went long on USDCHF yesterday, so I will cut my EURCHF position in half when possible.
    btw, can I become a member?

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