Technical Analysis/Trade Ideas

Anybody seeing any strong technical signals?

I’ve been trawling through the short-term charts looking for some potentially good-looking formations or convergence of signals, but to no great effect so far. Anybody got any bright ideas they’d like to share?

  1. Buying the EUR as the short squeeze continues and there is a lack of bad news out of Europe. Sentiment and risk appetite seem to be improving. I’m looking to buy a dip in the Fiber, 3080s, for an intraday position.

  2. I entered short at 3115 (intraday trade)
    Expect a pullback towards 3080/3090 very soon.
    But the med term seems to be towards 3200.

    1. > Nice pullback guys 🙂
      Usually I don’t trade early european session coz I had bad experience in the past but today I got a good feeling 😉

  3. I trade swing style, not s-t or intra-day. My system gave a EURUSD buy signal at 1.2950 a few days ago and that trade is still valid, although I wouldn’t enter it now. Today my system has given me long entries in USDJPY at 82.20, SL at 81.80, and long EURJPY @ 107.75, SL 107.35.
    No exit targets, I exit when my system reverses the signal.

  4. Hi Sean, Just been looking over last few hours at AUD/CHF….as the AUD seems to rather perky i have just bought at 0.9698. S/L 0.9593 looking for a test of 0.9880-00…T/P on a failure. Chart looks constructive and both the current bounce in Aud and the Swiss weakness are helpful. I am still in the Eur/chf…seems like years now !!

  5. Update – Aud/Chf….so far so good…. added 3x so decent position and decent average….s/l moved up to b/e @9717 and on a daily close above 9800 will use a 55 pip trailer…..todays action to me looks a bit overdone and reckon eur might come back up a bit your time

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