Any more applications for FXWW chat-room

  • You will find more bank research than you can ever possibly read plus lots of trade ideas (good and not-so-good) in the FXWW chat-room on Reuters Messenger.
  • You can post your own ideas, charts, analysis etc in the FXWW-Techs room.

The room remains free for now whilst we are in the development stage so register in the blue box at the bottom of this page (with a proper name and e-mail please!) and Reuters will send you the log-in details and necessary software.

  1. Will chk tomorrow Jupa and revert; if you registered for newsletter already then you should have received an email from Reuters although there have been instances of them getting lost in spam etc. Will revert

  2. Jupa and Jean; I’ve put through fresh apps with Reuters so let’s see what happens. You should get some communication from them this week so please keep an eye on your spam

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