All quiet in FX market ahead of central bank meetings

I’m sure things will pick up a bit later on today after the ECB and BOE (neither expected to change policy) but it looks as if we are in for a few very slow hours. Thanks for your company today and TGTF!

  1. it has held up well… i thought they would try to shake off the retail end.. institutional led buying? there was an investment bank selling eurjpy, whats your take on the pair?

  2. Re gold, agree retail mkt very long indeed so surprising that it holds up.
    Still plenty of mkt gossip re EUR/JPY and the big macro positions which will probably be squeezed before end of year, so could get nasty in mid-December if mkt still long? I’m 100% a sell-rally player here but need to pick levels carefully as it gets very whippy at times

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