Recently quit my position in corporate banking to chase my dream of being a full-time trader.


  1. Manual strategy based on the identification of supply/demand imbalances off the H4 /daily chart (swing-position trading). Positions can be held from days to weeks.
  2. Dedicates all of efforts to the foreign exchange market given the ample liquidity, which allows for steady trends. Sporadically trading commodities and benchmark indexes.  The average of trades/week can vary from 3 up to 10 depending on market conditions
  3. Risk per trade varies from 1 to 2%, with stop and target placement pre-planned in advance, unless a steady trending market is in place, in which case trailing-stops with more flexible targets will be used in order to capitalize the most on strong trends. When trading off the daily chart, the entry order (limit type) will be placed at the close of the NY market.
  4. Through his position, he acquires all the best market and analytical information from banks and hears all the interesting trade ideas.
  5. Success rate is between 60-65%, keeping risk reward relatively high, rarely taking trades unless they meet a minimum of 3:1 target. 
  6. Meditation and mental preparedness is a critical component for his success, with main focus being consistency on how to make money professionally.


I started trading 9 years ago when I was still a student. I felt that I had the skill level to work as a professional trader so around 2 years ago I introduced myself to Sean Lee and FXWW.
The highlight for me so far has been my 2nd place ranking in an FXWW-managed trading competition. My profile immediately increased and I attracted funding of $350,000.

Without the help and guidance of Sean Lee and the FXWW team, I would not have been able to get past the difficult early stages of getting funding. They guided me on building my track record and introduced me to allocators who would consider funding someone of my relative inexperience.
I honestly do not know how I could possibly have gotten started had it not been for the help of the FXWW team.

I aspire to work as a trader in a hedge fund to gain the necessary experience and skills to open my own hedge fund in the future.
More immediately, I am under consideration for a role as a remote trader for a fund-of-funds Asset Manager and this will be the first step in achieving my goals.

Click on the following link for more information on the Hedge Fund Trader Challenge