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Trader Profile: Alfadhalah

There is still a long way to go before the competition ends and as we know in the financial markets, anything can happen. For now at least, we have a young member of the FXWW trader community leading the competition and he’s not showing any signs of nerves.

Alfadhalah is typical of the new breed of FX trader coming out of the retail space who will make up the next generation of prop traders and hedge fund managers; he is young, energetic and very well educated.

He is a discretionary, technical swing trader across FX, commodities and indices. To copy directly from his FXWW trader profile

My strategy mainly relies on technical analysis and detecting market sentiment before the big moves. This strategy is a trend following strategy which has certain set-ups, rules, and calculations to be followed to find a trading idea, entry points, and S/L points.This strategy is high probability strategy. Regarding risk management, usually I do not risk more than 2% of my account on any 1 trade

I think he will be the first to admit that he got a bit lucky in the timing of the MDT competition. It started just as strong trends were emerging in currency pairs like GBP/JPY and also in the stock indices. But talented traders make the most of their opportunities and he is doing that so far.

His previous track record suggests that luck has little to do with it but time will tell.