About us

FXWW provides premium professional services to sophisticated individual traders in the FX market. Our network of industry professionals have career-long links with all areas of the FX market, including news and data providers, interbank and hedge fund traders, and every major bank and broker.

Membership is free and at our discretion. It is open to all ex-institutional traders as well as emerging trading talent and anybody who takes their FX market participation seriously.

At FXWW we believe that the next generation of the FX market will include an increasing reliance on individual participants from the non-institutional space. These participants need access to institutional-quality products and services including news, data, charts, information, research, analysis, market liquidity and access to Capital. We pride ourselves on having assembled the best that the FX industry has to offer.

We partner for instance with industry leaders such as Thomson-Reuters in order to provide our members with access to market-best-quality products and services.

Founded in 2002, FXWW has developed into the ultimate destination for the serious individual FX trader. Our FXWW Chatroom on Reuters Messenger is chock-a-block full of interbank traders; our emerging traders have access to every major hedge fund in the industry; through FXWW Connect we have provided FX traders with an affordable link to a professional news/data platform; and our network is literally 1 degree of separation from everyone in the FX industry.

Contact us for more information on any of our products and services.