FXWW is a provider of professional services as well as being a network of professional traders in the interbank and hedge fund markets.

Membership is free and is open to all ex-institutional traders as well as developing retail trading talent.

We partner with industry leaders such as Thomson-Reuters and Citi Bank in order to provide our members with access to market-best-quality products and services.

  • Our information services revolve around the two free blogs on FXWW and Forextell, the FXWW suite of chat-rooms on Reuters Messenger as well as worldwide exclusive access to the Thomson-Reuters Eikon-Core product, designed for the serious FX trader.
  • FXWW members also receive tailored market access through a number of institutional platform providers. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy and we ensure that we find the best solution(s) for your exact needs.
  • Talented traders gain access to funding programs managed by FXWW, such as the Axi Select program, as well as a large variety of independent programs and Cap-Intro solutions.
  • Professional investors can also gain access to a large stable of professional traders and developing talent.
  • Innovative products and services such as the FXWW Trader-Tracker, periodical Performance Reports and the FXWW Agency Solution might be just what you are looking for as you seek to develop your business.

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