FXWW is a network of professional traders in the interbank and hedge fund markets and is managed by Sean Lee.

  • We source information from our network on a daily basis and provide both free and premium access to this information.
  • We provide talented traders from the retail world with a starting point into the funds management industry.
  • We offer services such as performance analysis, marketing material and basic regulatory/industry guidance.
Sean will provide guidance through the Asian session and he will be on the look-out for trade-building opportunities. He will also provide trading ideas from a number of professional strategists as well as some intraday trading ideas from professional interbank and hedge fund traders. Much of this will be free but we will also beĀ chargingĀ a monthly membership fee for certain parts of the service, such as the FXWW chat-room on Reuters Messenger.
As the service grows we will quickly expand to provide full 24/7 coverage.