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2014 predictions: EUR/USD- stay in range trading mode

  • The EUR is always just one headline away from a big sell-off;
  • EUR/USD has been trading sideways over the last 5 years and this trend is likely to continue;
  • The EUR is starting to look overbought on the crosses imho and EUR/CHF remains an enigma;

I’d try and stay in trading mode for the EUR/USD, prepared to buy dips and sell rallies across all time-frames. I’d look for rally-selling opportunities in the EUR crosses.

Prediction: Range trading between 1.33/1.46 for most of the year.

  1. Hi Sean, many thanks for the 2014 predictions. Would you be also happy to let us know an overview how you pick up currencies for long or short.

    Like i see you use support and resistance, trend lines and fib retracement for your currency picks. Any other points you would like to share with us.

    If you think i am being cheeky asking such questions yes i am 🙂

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